ncbw advocacy priorities


Advocacy is the cornerstone and pulse point of the National Coalition of 100
Black Women. Our strategic agenda is to provide a culturally competent
national voice for African American women and women of color to effectuate
positive change for them personally and for their families, their communities
and this great country. We understand intimately that the African American
woman is centric in her community, her faith, her profession and most
importantly her home. Her concerns, needs and voice must be heard to realize
civic progress through sustainable public policy.

We also believe that our efforts to assist and lend voice to improving the
conditions and lives of women of color —our sisters internationally—enhances
all women. To this end NCBW, pledges that our advocacy agenda will ever
evolve to clearly articulate and meet the needs of our constituency (African
American women).

NCBW is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse any particular
political candidate. We are open to dialogue and partner with credible political
entities of mutual interest to the NCBW Agenda. NCBW openly encourages
women of color to seek political office and influence public policies that affect
women and girls.

We invite you to join us on this quest.